Boval Farrak, Neutral Dwarven Wizard, The Changer

Kell Socorro, Chaotic Good Human Rogue, The Rake

Landis Stormwatch, Lawful Good Human Paladin, The Deserter

Milo Yantir, Lawful Good Halfling Cleric, The Daervish

Quezimal Kharntotem, Chaotic Good Gnome Bard, The Storyteller

Revanna Piece, Chaotic Good Human Sorcerer, The Chosen

Shireen , Chaotic Good Human Barbarian, The Messenger

Sidra Canan, Neutral Good Half-Orc Ranger, The Stargazer

Talia Saentril, Neutral Good Half-Elf Druid, The Warden

Toran Ah’Swadir, Neutral Human Oracle, The Caretaker

Tully, Human Neutral Good Fighter, The Apiarist

Pysor Fiavel, Lawful Neutral Elven Monk, The Stormchaser


Legends of the Forsaken Sands BlackTiger