The Gods

Once, the gods of Ah’Radoun were mighty, mortals and monsters who through feats both great and terrible ascended to divinity. The purest of elves, the bravest of men, the strongest of demons and mightiest of dragons found themselves imbued with divine sparks.

But that was long ago. Something in the millenia since has caused the gods sparks to fade, and in some cases, the Deities most willing to expend their power have fallen back to earth and mortality. Believers struggle to maintain that their gods still exist and protect them, but many scholars and theologians have devoted themselves to finding out the true fate of these fallen gods, chasing rumors of their divine corpses scattered across the wastes.

Delida Steelwind (Lawful Good)

The Sleeper, Guardian of the Depths, Mother of Earth

Worshiped by many as the sole reason for the existence of Dwarves in modern times, Delida sacrificed herself and gained ascendance simultaneously, becoming forever entombed, asleep beneath the earth in exchange for warding the underground domain of Dwarves against cataclysm, monsters and misfortune. She is a force of order and pillar of selflessness.

Delida is always depicted as a dwarven maiden in full mountain plate with a waraxe and a warhammer.

Domains: Earth, Good, Law, Magic, Protection

Valeros Andora (Lawful Good)

The Pure Knight, The Great Warrior, The Steel Judge

Upheld as a paragon of virtue and the example that all knights and warriors should aspire to in the west, Valeros was supposedly a lost wandered before spiritually reforging himself on the anvil of a defeated Ifriti prince. Duty is armor and faith the sword, arms second only to the protection of The Empire.

Domains: Glory, Good, Law, Strength, War

Rumor (Neutral Good)

The Oasis Prince, Lord of Leaves, The Mercytender

The twin brother of Sumin, Rumor is as close as one might have to a forest god in the wastes, the keeper of the oasis. For all their cruelty, there are many stops one can make in the desert thanks largely to Rumors influence, extending protection of travelers and those who live within their means. He detests those who squander resources, and many legends tell of the punishments for defiling, misusing, or bringing war to the oasis.

Domains: Good, Healing, Luck, Plant, Travel

Seelah Katapah (Neutral Good)

Seelah the Savior, The Builder, Maiden of Order

Both neighbor and opposite to Valeros Andora in the pantheon of the Western empire, Seelah is the goddess of civilization and community, the maiden whose legacy is to pick up the pieces when Valeros has driven the people’s enemies before them. The knights and Valeros may be the sword of the empire, but the church of Seelah Katapah is the heart, a heart which has looked on, dismayed, as the empire shifted and rusted around them…

Domains: Community, Good, Knowledge, Nobility, Sun

Ra-En (Chaotic Good)

The Falcon, Angel of Freedom, The Piper of the Sands

The truest freedom is that of the wing, or such has been found scratched into mountainous Aeries considered holy sights of Ra-En, the falcon. Supposedly once a mortal musician whose wanderlust took him not just beyond the cities and civilization but humanoid form itself, he is the archetype of carefree and self-determined living, and only considered good for his desire to ensure that true freedom does not cause harm to others, and is available to all.

Domains: Chaos, Good, Liberation, Sun, Travel

Kepesk-Majakar (Lawful Neutral)

The Stormbringer, Rainscale, Cloud Lord

It is possible for the people of Ah’Radoun to pay a price to change the weather itself – But most consider the mental scars of negotiating with a draconic god too high for a mere summer’s rain. Yet sacrifices and offerings to The Stormbringer persist. A bargain with the clouds is worth ten writ in blood. Theologians and Scholars constantly debate whether Kepesk-Majakar is truly a Deity, but ‘prayers’ to him are answered nevertheless.
Lawful Neutral

Domains: Air, Law, Nobility, Strength, Weather

Mirr (Neutral)

The Lady Of Doors, Price Taker, The Black Cat

Between the lands of the dead and the lands of the living is a single grand portal, the Obsiidan Door. Lady Mirr is the guardian of this gateway, separating those who have passed from those who remain. To pass through one way is the great equal opportunity given to all beings – Even, it is rumored, the gods. However, Mirr is also a keeper of the Ledgers, and there are ways to ease the passage back with entreaties of wealth – considered, alongside with her demands of death to create undeath, a sign of great injustice in the world of the Forsaken Sands.

Domains: Death, Knowledge, Nobility, Repose, Rune

Sumin (Chaotic Neutral)

_Water-Witch, Riverspring, The Drowning Beauty

Viewed as capricious, dangerous, and vital, Sumin is the goddess of what little water exists in the waste. Twin to Rumor, few believe themselves qualified to ask favor from the water witch for fear of reprisal, and those who do are generally unhinged in some way, or believe themselves capable of surviving her inevitable wrath. It is widely believed that wells surrounded by flowers and plants are safer to drink from than wild springs or rivers, since these imply the presence of Rumor’s influence to keep his wild sister at bay.

Domains: Chaos, Charm, Madness, Trickery, Water

Kessan (Neutral Evil)

The Vermin King, The Crawling Host, The Selfish Scarab

The pursuit of self at the cost of all things is the clarion call that draws forth worshipers of Kessan, the Vermin King. The destruction of crops may be an unintended result for most vermin, but there is little accidental in the cruelty and greed of Kessan’s followers, from the lowest thief to the mightiest tyrant. Wherever power comes at the cost of others the Crawling Host chitters seductively, and those who follow decay into fire and evil.

Domains: Charm, Evil, Protection, Trickery, Repose

Verathrixis (Chaotic Evil)

The Black Flame, The Hellroc, The Ember Prince

Many speculate as to the past forms of Verathrixis, but such is mere speculation. Even fewer have seen the God in flight and lived to tell of it. A black form that fills the sky and blots out the sun, a huge bird of prey wreathed in black flames that consume all they touch. The Ember Prince is a force of nature so much as a deity, a focus for the awe and adoration of those who worship the catastrophe, the apocalyptic destruction of life and land alike.

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Healing

The Gods

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