Legends of the Forsaken Sands

Chapter 2a: Thirst

We now return to...

Session Date:
March 31st, 2013 (Session # ?)
XP gained:
? (? + ? + ?)
New Total:
? / ? (to Level 3)
Treasure and Items:
Ornate Boar’s Tusk Dagger (1200 GP)
Platinum Ring (500 gp)
Earth Torc

In the ashen wastes of Korras’Zor, an otherworldy monster assaulted Sidra Canan while she searched through the remains of a caravan for survivors. The Grick tackled her, knocking her from the vehicle and out into the streets. The abberation’s bite earned a scream that drew her companions from up the street, although they were precious seconds away. Sidra pushed away and found her thrown knives to be woefully ineffective on the tentacled, worm-like creature. Something from her dreams bubbled up, but the implications were unclear.

Landis charged to flank, Toran prepared himself, and Pysor and Boval hurried to her side. When the creature came after Sidra once again Pysor leaped into action, pushing the half-orc aside to intercept the blows herself. Landis rushed into the fray, but her weapons and Pysor’s fists both seemed unable to pierce the monster’s hide readily. Sidra herself drew forth the waterlogged kris from the cisterns temple, and while it proved able to pierce the Gricks hide, it also shifted ominously, straightening, serrating, and growing scales along the handle in her hands.

Boval enchanted Landis’ blade as Toran joined the melee with a magicked stave, toothed maw and tentacle dishing out bites and scrapes as well as taking numerous nicks from the survivors. A heave from Landis’ sword and Sidra’s Kris finally sent the creature to the ground for good… Where Sidra, unsurprised, drew a box from the remains.

A note and a suspiciously empty cylindrical setting were within. The note seems to intrigue, then trouble Sidra. She brushed away Toran’s attempt to read, but Boval snuck a glance at the bottom of the letter. it was from Miraen – A merchant prince whom Sidra worked with, who may have desired more than just a business relationship with the ranger.

A further search unearthed a few unfortunate facts. The Caravan had come after The Event, and someone had been chased into the collapsing warehouse district by Gricks. In the caravan were a valuable ring and dagger, apparently intended as gifts from the Merchant to Sidra.

Boval tried to work out the workings of the aberration’s anatomy, to little effect. Toran searched out some solace, poking around on the trail of what he presumes to be Nyx, a wounded God of travel. Sidra mourned the apparent loss of a courtier. Conversation gradually shifted to searching for survivors, following Nyx’s trail, and the dwindling supply of food preventing more thorough examinations.

The trail of strange, ruby-like blood led east out of the city, through the devestated giant wildflower fields. Something unusual drew Toran’s attention away from Sidra’s trailblazing and tracking.. towars a massive mound. Which soon revealed itself to be alive – The enormous Earth Elemental Foundation. Apparently wounded and dying, the survivors accepted their inability to sustain the giant creature. Unable to coax out much more information on the subject, Toran made a clear decision, and stepped forward, employing a unique ritual he alone seemed to know, that began to envelop the Elemental in white-hot light.

The noise attracted two nearby mephits, dust-creatures waiting in the wings like vultures to prey upon the dying elemental. As Toran concentrated on the ritual they attacked. Wary and ready, Boval and Sidra prepared themselves while Landis ruched out to meet one with steel – And discovered the dust forms of the flying humanoids to be resistant to mundane arms.

As the other Mephit closed to unleash a storm of dust and ash, Sidra and Boval opened fire. Boval sent Landis’ foe fleeing before locking down a distracting flare on the other, and Sidra once more drew out her Kris to step in and engage the monster. Pysor’s javelins cautiously slipped into the growing melee, and Talia’s preperations paid off, with a powerful water elemental materializing to engage the dusty beasts. Diving and weaving, the mephit spewed clouds of ash and swung claws with abandon, despite being surrounded on all sides, catching just the stray nick here and there, whittling at it until it’s friend could rejoin.

Sensing an opening, the once-fleeing mephit chased after Toran. Despite his focus on the ritual, Toran spun the last of the Elder Elemental’s strength into two vicious slams – knocking the mephit from the sky and then smashing it with the pair of blows. Nicked and slowed, Talia’s enchanted ash stave finally found it’s mark in the worn mephit’s skull, crushing it to the ground and burying it in the ash.

In the aftermath, Boval and Toran entered a heated discussion. Boval believed that the Elemental would have been a valuable specimen to study, citing the unnatural size, and Toran took the view that he was being respectful of a divine wonder by laying it to rest with the proper rites.

Under pressure from the rest of the survivors to move along and find shelter come evening, they tabled the debate for later and continued on to the Redoubt – A well known stopping point outside the city, protected from storms, and serving as a message board for caravans and individuals coming from or traveling to the east.

Bo continued to exhibit unusual behavior as the group closed on the site. Upon arrival, he claimed to have built the place. A strange statement, but potentially true. He also noted some misplaced stones, which led to the discovery of a headstone.

Made from bricks, and a root-bound sword, the headstone as it were had two written pieces. One, the elven word ‘Be’, and another, a date, scratched in loosely. Talia recognized the latter writing as her own and the sword as a much larger, but similar blade to her father’s scimitar. It also seemed to respond to her druidic talents, the plants releasing the sword to her. The blade’s sole decoration was the elven phrase “Ire”

  • Fought off Grick
  • Encountered Foundation
  • Fought off Mephits
  • Toran coalesced the minro spark from Delida Steelwind in Foundation to a Torc
  • Argued about Boval’s furthering of mysteries versus Toran’s respect for the dead an dying
  • Sought the Redoubt / Wind Farm
  • Discovered Boval’s hand in the place, and his memories
  • Discovered a cryptic grave, and a abberant-bane Sword with a connection to Talia
  • Unearthed a little bit of detail about The Black Stone, as a Scrying Beacon.


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