Korras zor

Korras’Zor, the Merchant Metropolis, is not solely a town of merchants, not truly a metropolis at all. A stopover for mercenaries, caravans, and travelers who move across the waste, it is nonetheless home to some four thousand souls. Much of the city is warehouses for goods, the homes of citizens or specialized services for those who pass through.

Neutral Small City
Government: Council
Qualities: Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic location
Base Value: 1,100 gp
Purchase Limit 5,000 GP
Spellcasting: 4th
Corruption: 0
Crime: 0
Economy: +1 (Craft, Perform, Profession)
Law: -2 (Some Intimidate, Some Diplomacy)
Lore: +1 (Gather Info, Research)
Society: +3 (Disguise, non gov Diplomacy)

Locations and Factions:

The Apiary – It is because of the apiary that the great fields of desert wildlfowers surrounding the city flourish. A great tower of honeycomb wrapped in scaffolding, the apiary creates honey in abundance, adding to the ability of the city to sustain its growing population. Bisell and Tully are two of the five apiarists, who scale the tower and pacify the giant bees to harvest honey each day.

The Constables – Tasked with maintaining order in Korras’Zor, the constabulary is most focused in striking a balance of aiding the powerful caravan owners, while keeping them from running roughshod over citizenry. When other matters come to the fore, they often deputize citizens who have proven their honor and heart, such as Landis Stormwatch, who specializes in mostly peaceful ends to cultural disputes with outsiders.

The Crag – A natural spire in the western part of the city, a natural spring once bubbled near the peak, and caverns at the base provided access to the aquifer, but in recent months both sources ran dry, much like the rest of the city.The peak is still home to a small cult of followers of Kepesk-Majakar, including the dwarven warrior Rault Stonetoe and the enigmatic ascetic Pysor Fiavel.

The Gatekeepers – Primarily tasked with the upkeep of ancient wards on the gates of the city, The Gatekeepers are also a circle of druids who keep a close eye on the treatment of animals inside the city, and the natural world beyond the walls. An apprentice can take 20 years to be fully brought into the fold, but Okan, a prominent half-orc in the organization, is hoping he can halve that time with his newest apprentice, Talia Saentril.

The Steelhand House – A congregation of devotees to the dwarven god Delida Steelwind, The Steelhand House is small compared to some churches, but their deeds are the most benevolent, and their hearts the largest. They follow the three tenets of Delida: Patience, Diligence, and Humility. Milo Yantir is the leader of the congregation, and Zakkanna, a local halfling maiden, is his right hand in the congregation.

The Messengers – While not the largest guildhouse, The Mail Tower in Korras’Zor is all the more important for its strategic location in The Wastes. The Messengers deliver packages and letters both within the city, and across the many cities that Korras’Zor trades with, thanks to the tireless endurance and knowledge of their skilled agents. Matrolka is the Mail-Captain of the city, and mentor of the unmistakable messenger Shireen.

The House of Pipe and Poem – A waystation for wealthy caravan patrons and owners, the House of Pipe and Poem is also the center of scholarly study in Korras’Zor. Patricia Pale is a beautiful but unsettling scholar of knowledge about the gods and divinity in Ah’radoun. The equally unsettling religious seeker Toran Ah’Swadir frequents her office. Sidra Canan, a highly prized caravan navigator, also frequents the place, along with the caravan prince Miaren and sometimes the keeper of coin, Lisk and the moneychanger king Balshorn.

Taverns – There are many taverns and inns in the city, but the largest in order of increasing reputation are The Unruly Ankheg, The Desert Rose, and the Emerald Flash. The gregarious rumormonger and duelist Kell Soccoro, and the stunning diplomat Wren frequently haunt the Ankheg, the gnome Quezimal Kharntotem spins tales nightly at The Rose. The Emerald Flash hosts charming occultist Revanna Piece, her tag-along street urchin Dau, and bandit-born Talia works as the stablemaster of The Flash, when not working with The Gatekeepers.


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