Talia Saentril



Talia Saentril, Neutral Good Half-Elf Druid, The Warden

Fox is tall for a human girl, although her lithe build, violet eyes and tapered ears dismiss her as a pure member of that race in the eyes of most she meets. Her skin is the tan of a pale westerner exposed daily to the pounding sun yet refusing to toughen and crack, perhaps from youth or perhaps from elven blood. Her wavy brown hair is kept short, like much of Fox a practical matter – keeping cool and to downplay her gender among the old guard of the Gatekeepers and the patrons of tavern stables where she works. She prefers comfortable skirts and blouses of woven fabrics to expensive silks common in Korras’Zor, but her red wolf pelt armor worn to travel or among her fellow druids is anything but subtle, exceeded only by the ash-grey longbow and the grey-steel scimitar left to her as her father’s final parting gifts.

Party Role
Fox barely considers herself a druid, and yet her talents are exceptional. Ghezeran, the guiding deity of the Gatekeepers, bestows upon them miracles of nature in the form of divine spells. Yet she can hold her own with scimitar and bow, and knows more than any three average waste travelers from her upbringing in the Sand Reavers and her Father’s guidance. Her Courser, Vale, is a powerful ally in combat, although between fragile and useless in sand or indoors, making his strength limited but powerful when he can use it.

City Role
Since being dropped alone into Korras’zor, Fox has been a staple of tavern stables and dealing with animals in the Merchant Metropolis. She continues these duties, even though a greater calling has come to her – The Gatekeepers, a sect of spiritualists who maintain the seals and wards on the entrances to the city. She is but an initiate, but despite reservations at the top is learning quickly and rising in the order, utterly devoted. Without the duties and debts of the city, she’d surely strike out to find her father, and explore the natural world, a prospect which both calls to and scares the young half-elf.

Fox learned her lessons of adaptability early in life, struggling alone in the wild, frightening Merchant Metropolis of Korras’Zor after her father left. Fox knows he intended to build a life for her, and train her in the arcane arts – But she proved to be a poor student. Sometimes, she isn’t sure he ever planned to stay. Sometimes, she thinks the reason he left is because she didn’t take to magic as well as a child of pure elven blood would. While lacking her Father’s arcane talent, she kept the scimitar he gave her and the ability to use it, tempering his fury with wisdom which could only be inherited from her older human mother. Her talent with animals led her to the stables of Korras’Zor, and it was there she encountered The Gatekeepers.
Something untoward had made its way into the city, something beyond the natural order. It followed a robed man into the stables and hid, until Fox, on a hunch, discovered it laying in wait. The tentacled creature surely should have slain her, but even though her scimitar barely scratched it, illusions that might have befuddled most were useless on Fox, and nothing kept the hooves of the stabled warhorses and camels from striking true. The traveler came to find her injured and the monster dead – And sensed potential.
A sect of naturalists who have long warded Korras’Zor against corruption and decay from unnatural forces and fiends, the Gatekeepers offered to take Fox. They said she had a talent – Happy news after her father’s inability to teach her about the arcane. Since then she has devoted as much time as she can to her studies with the Gatekeepers, without giving up her previous arrangements around the city.

Goals, Choices & Questions
From necessity, Fox has had to adapt and grow to survive. She understands both the lure and failings of civilization and the power and danger of the natural world, but she is still, as she is torn between her work at the stables and her studies with the gatekeepers, unsure which she would take if she could not have both.
Be prepared to make choices pitting civilization against nature, and your power against others well-being

Talia Saentril

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