Quezimal Kharntotem

The Storyteller


Quezimal Kharntotem, Chaotic Good Gnome Bard, The Storyteller
Narrative and Legend, The Big Picture

Quezimal may fall short of four feet tall, but is still a giant, for a gnome. Maybe for that reason or others, he fights efforts of taller people to overlook him tooth and nail. He can’t help the bright copper-red hair, but the azure wrap with silver reptilian forms embossed on it catches the eye, and the large sword at his hip is enough to earn a look, if not look too dangerous. The Gnome has the dark, almost red-tinged complexion that only those from the deep desert seem to get, and slightly too big eyes of dust brown and a button nose make his face plain – like the leather outfit under his wrap, if it weren’t studded with old copper coins. He surprisingly lacks much ornamentation, save for two wooden earrings and a silver medallion, bearing a spider with eight bloodstone eyes.
Party Role
Grim may not be the right word, but Quezimal’s pleasant enthusiasm does not run deep when he isn’t performing – He has seen too much, and his sense of humor, while intact, pales compared to most other gnomes. His own kind have a tendency to irritate him because of it. Nonetheless, he is enthusiastic about seeing things through to the end, and about bringing out the best in others. Inspiring, clever, and masterful at improvisation, play Quezimal if you want to keep your allies motivated, focused, and performing their best.

Quezimal is not merely a collector of stories. Many wandering skalds and virtuoso entertainers know legends, but Quezimal has lived them and knows them on sight. Quezimal once lived a peaceful life out in the wastelands, a quiet city perched on the edge of a grand oasis, it’s resources too valuable for bandits to do anything but trade. He may have grown up another humble, mirthful farmer or gemcutter.
Such beginnings were not to be – Instead, without warning, something impossible and unholy appeared over the village, and in mere moments, descended. Black flames decimated oasis and city alike, leaving nearly nothing left alive. Only because of scavengers, a traveling band of survivors and outcasts led by a triad of Aranea Illusionists, picking through the smoking wreckage of the village did a wounded Quezimal survive.
His departed parent’s trade and gnomish culture were little use in the caravan, but slowly he began to learn the art of crafting stories, swordplay, and perhaps most important, magic and illusion.
Nearly thirty years of traveling the wastes gave him even more personal experience with legends and their sources. After so long however, even the comfortable Quezimal began to yearn for a home. He parted ways with the troupe in Korras’Zor some years ago, and has stayed ever since. Yet in recent years, he has begun to fall in with a cadre of others, young, up and coming movers and shakers making a name for themselves in Korras’Zor, and perhaps worthy of praise themselves. His presence is tolerated in exchange for aiding allies.

Goals, Choices & Questions
Quezimal is along for the story, to experience the adventure firsthand, and especially to bear witness to the deeds of his allies, possibly with his own, not so small contributions. Can wit and skill make up for lacking strength and stature? Can he be that big of a deal if he stands among true legends? Something grand is going on here, and he isn’t sure if he is part of it, or just an observer meant to chronicle it. Is this a journey of necessity, an adventure, or is something bigger going on – And if so, what, and where can one gnome fit in?

Unexpected Twist
Legendary Epiphany

Quezimal Kharntotem

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